Old Savannah Tours

We, at Old Savannah Tours, have recently upgraded our radio transmission system from analog to the digital motorola radios that you provide.
Overall, we are very pleased with the quality of the radios as well as the durability of its use. Changing from analog to digital has many benefits, namely the clarity of the transmission.
The clarity of the radio is outstanding. Transmissions are clear, and strong.
The analog radios lacked clarity and oftentimes we were unable to understand transmissions.
The digital radios far surpass the analog system in this domain.
The new digital radios also retain a charge for longer periods of time. We can use a radio for two days at the time without recharging, whereas the analog radios would often lose charge during the first day of use. Thus, the newer digital radios are far more dependable.
Another positive aspect is the ability of the radio to do a multitude of tasks. For example, managers are able to talk on the radio to one another without having the transmission aired to everyone on the radio. This allows less interruption on the main radio station and enables managers to discuss issues that do not need to be heard by all.
The radios also have a text message application allowing for managers to text information from radio to radio.
Even though these applications are less important in the overall evaluation of the radio, it is one positive aspect of the new digital radio system.

Richmond Hill Fire Department

Savannah Communications has been our sales and service for Motorola radios for at least the last 20 years. They have provided equipment for our communications needs and excelled in service of our equipment.
Their sales staff always provide excellent help in determining our radio needs.
Savannah Communications radio service technicians provide fast and reliable service which minimizes our downtime. Radio installation as well as other equipment has been completed in a timely and professional manner.

Richmond Hill Fire Department is proud to have Savannah Communications as our Motorola sales and service representative.

The Marshall House

The Marshall House would like to thank Savannah Commmrications and especially our sales rep, Mr. Earl Bergen for the continued support to our needs in two way communications.
The recommendations provided by them has greatly enhanced our ability to better server our guests and the safety of our employees.
Keep up the great work.

Russ Mitchell, General Manager, Marshall House

Atlantic Container Service

Just a note at the holidays to thank you and your team for the sales and service of ow
Motorola radios again this year We are dependant on reliable service from this
equipment and appreciate all you do to help us in our business Your help is essential to
our port authority operation, where we radio dispatch our mechanics and supervisors for
maintaining and monitoring refrigerated equipment and loads

Richard Hinely
Purchasing - Atlantic Container Service

Midtown Family Dental

We have been using your radio's and ear pieces for about 2 years now, and they
are an important part of our inner-office communications. We would have a hard
time without them and are very pleased with the results. We would recommend
them to other businesses. Earl Bergen has also always been available, and has
responded in a timely fashion to our needs.
Margie M King
Team leader

BASF Corporation,

Savannah Communications has done an excellent job taking care of our communications systems. We first engaged the
firm's services in 2010, and since then all of my dealings with them have been positive and of great benefit to our
manufacturing site. The firm's combination of skill, experience and intuition is exactly what we had been looking for in a
service provider.

Jim Bradley
Operations Support Coordinator

Fuji Vegetable Oil

Our radio program at Fuji was a disaster. Fuji had previously spent over $50,000 on radios which were either missing or
non functioning. In the effort to save money Fuji had chosen to go it alone and purchase the cheapest radios Fuji could
find, that we thought would work. The result was inconsistent coverage, poor reception, and frustrated operators. Our
truck loading operators had to resort to communicating by hand gestures and signals with flash lights. Our usage of
radios to communicate was a complete failure.
I had previously done business with Earl Bergen at Savannah Communications and knew that this could be changed.
Earl, and his team, surveyed our facility to understand our needs and plant layout. The recommendations were made
for the frequencies, radio types, repeater types, equipment placement, warranties, and a personnel radio policy. We
implemented all of the recommendations and the results have been phenomenal. The installation as completed three
years ago by Savannah Communications and our radio communications are clear throughout the facility, and well into
outlying towns. We have had zero replacement, or repair, costs. The operators, supervisors, and mangers have nofhad
one complaint over the new system.
I highly recommend Earl Bergen and Savannah Communications services.

Cary Johnson
Plant Engineer
Fuji Vegetable Oil
120 Brampton Road
Savannah, Georgia 31408

Roger Wood Foods

The first thing I noticed about working with Earl Bergen and Savannah Communication was the simple, calm manner of handling our Account. In the Food Industry, everything is an urgent crisis situation and it's a fantastic experience dealing with Earl and the others at Savannah Communication.
The line of radios he brought to us has been a perfect match, dependable, no issues, no drama. We've always gotten reliable service from Earl and the gang there.
We've checked and these are the best radios for our company.
Whenever we have questions or problems, Earl has responded promptly and handled all the concerns. We know there are options for other companies, but we chose to stay at Savannah Communications because of the faith we have in the company because of employees like Earl.
The fact that we have stayed customers for over 6 years clearly proves the excellent service we receive from Earl and Savannah Communications.
We appreciate the excellent service we get from Earl. I will continue to refer people to Savannah Communications.

Kind Regards,
Lisa Imke
Purchasing Manager,
Roger Wood Foods

Ashland Hercules Water Technologies

Wanted to say Happy New Year to you and thank you for the excellent service you have provided Hercules Inc., now Ashland Hercules Water Technologies for many years.
We greatly appreciate your customer service, advice, and new ideas here at the Savannah Plant.
Continue to keep us updated on the latest technology as I will say it has contributed to our success.
Once again Thanks

John M. McCallar
Ashland Hercules Water Technologies
3000 Louisville Rd.
Savannah, Georgia 31415


Henderson Golf Club

"We have been with Savannah Communications since we opened in 1995. The work they do and the service they provide is professionalJ friendly and quick.
Earl Bergen has been our account representative since 1995 as well.
It is a pleasure to work with Earl. He is very professional and goes above and beyond to help us with anything we need.
We are extremely pleased with Savannah Communications".


Wilmington Island Club

The Wilmington Island Club is fortunate to have the professional experience and service from Savannah Communications
salesman, Earl Bergen. We have used Motorola radios for the past B years and cannot imagine not having them as part of
our daily operation.

Patrick Richardson, PGA
Wilmington Island Club
Georgia PGA - President


Coastal Concrete

I would like to start out by saying, I appreciate what Savannah Communications and Motorola have put
together for our operations. Their coverage area is unmatched by any other radio system that I have seen thus far, and
still expanding. We use 74 units composed of Motorola COM 1550 and Motorola XPR radios on their Pass Port system.
Communications is key to our business, and I feel confident with Motorola and Savannah communications supporting

IT & Systems Manager

SNF Flocryl Acrylates

My experience with the Motorola XPR 6550 and 1250 radios has been great. These are very reliable radios with excellent
sound quality and durability to match. Running a chemical plant 24/7 requires tough and reliable equipment of which I
am confident we have using the Motorola radios. The service that comes along with these radios is second to none. It is
easy and a pleasure to business with Earl and his support staff. Thanks for all of your help in getting repairs, reprograms,
and new units back to me in a timely manner.

Richard Moore
Production Manager
SNF Flocryl Acrylates


I've been with GAF Materials Corp. for 12/years and during that time I've enjoyed working with Earl.
He has always been very professional and knowledgeable about the product, I can rely on his opinion
and his word concerning our business relationship.
I look forward to a continued business relationship.

Beverly L. Thomas

Telfair Museums

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and Savannah Communications for providing Telfair Museums with our portable radios and wireless equipment.
Your generous contribution enabled the museum to provide state of the art security at our three sites in downtown Savannah. The addition of this equipment to our museum has contributed significantly to improvements in our day to day operations, specifically the ability to be able to communicate throughout our three sites on a daily basis.
The equipment donated by Savannah Communications enables our security staff, which is a critical component to our museum, the ability to communicate across our three site properties in historic Savannah.
No other communication products provided the quality and reliability that your systems provide. This reliability is crucial in protecting our :artwork and our properties.
Your expertise and knowledge that guided us in the selection of equipment and installation ofthis system were invaluable. We sincerely appreciate your donation and thorough follow up in installation and training.