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If you were in Savannah in the 60's and 70's and listened to Top 40 radio, you spent some time with these guys.

WSGA celebrated its 25th anniversary as a Rock n'Roll radio station in 1981, then pretty much folded up and went away. Replaced by FM Stereo stations like WZAT, and WSGF.

Nowadays the 1400 frequency in Savannah features religion in the talk format. The WSGA calls are still being used.

The pictures on this page came from a promo card John O'Neil keeps in his office at Tybee Island Realty. Must have been made in 1968 or 69.

10 minutes from 1969 with Jerry Katz

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Donnie Brook

Donnie arrived just before the format change in 1967, he may not have been the first WSGA Program Director, but he was the first to make changes listeners noticed on the air.

Chuck, also known as "Chuckling Charlie" was on from 9am till noon. In 1963 Paul Harvey came to Savannah and broadcast from WSGArmlogo.gif (1267 bytes), Chuck  was the announcer.

From bagboy to disc jockey. Danny's first job was at the M&M grocery on Skidaway road. Radio seemed easier and Danny had the knack. I remember him best as the afternoon drive jock but after a stint in the Naval Reserve, 'Skinny Danny"rmlogo.gif (1267 bytes) came back and eventually took over mornings.

John O'Neil was the youngest of this group of Goodtimers. He worked from 7-9pm afternoons after school. John now sells real estate on Tybee.

Les Allen was the first all night guy at WSGA. The 24 hour format started off with an allnight showing of Batman serials at the Lucas theater. I was there, it was pretty boring actually.  Les can be heard today doing weather on WRHQ 105.3 in Savannah.

Chuck Rawlinson

Danny Kramer

John O'Neil

Les Allen

Savannah Radio Memories

Savannah Radio Memories Savannah Radio Memories

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